Welcome on the English part of my website

Due to all my international contacts I did translate some parts of my website , but not the entire site !

A couple years ago I had this strange urge to make all information about me available in English and I translated each and every character which was a lot of work…

At that time I quit doing all kind of international things so I also quite the English translation. However nothing changes faster than a human being so nowadays I start focusing more on the international affairs and as a result of that… again some English on my website. But I learned,

I don’t  translate all parts and I do not literally translate my blog. It is just sometimes in English and most of the time in Dutch!

A human being is more than the addition of coincidence

This website contains lots of information about the way I live and about my diseases . But a person is more than his diseases…

Beside lupus ,the  antiphospholipid syndrome and a breach in my main arteria I have to take care of my son age 17 and lots of creative ideas which I  put on other websites like braindad.nl. A wink to the brain damage that arose in the period my diagnose antiphospholipid syndrome was missed.

Again translating is too much work but the idea is creative text writing most of the time with a unexpected twist in it – just like in my own life.

I started my website when I was diagnosed with the antiphospholipid syndrome just to communicate with my relatives in an easy way. But I noticed lots of people were seeking for information.

Nowadays this site is found by lots of people who urgently needs information about one of my rare conditions and of course I try to help wherever possible. The for the international contacts lots of information about APS can be found on the website from Hughes syndroom APS. Or at the American site Amerikaanse APS foundation

I am very proud of the website  antifosfolipiden syndroom which I made together with the Dutch specialist. I made the website I wanted to have found when I got my diagnose. The site is a gift for 35th anniversary of the Dutch lupus Association NVLE

I still try to create awareness for the antiphospholipid syndrome as a member of the board from the Dutch lupus Association, as a patient advocate and as a stakeholder with the reunited Dutch rheumatic federations (SRNP).

I do I a lot about awareness and education. Whenever someone pay’s my travel and stay I am always available to talk for free about my conditions.

Thanks for visiting my website


September 2018

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